Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weeks 11 + 12- Oh, the stress~

These past two weeks have just completely tired me out.  I've never been so stressed! I started school on Monday two weeks ago, and let me just say, things were definitely harder than I had expected.  

All day for the whole week, I was faced with people asking me a whole bunch of questions and comments. 

What happened? Are you okay? Your face is so red! Are you sick? It looks like you got sunburnt! I'm serious, it's really red, Do you want to look in my mirror? Is  it contagious?

Almost every single person I talked to had something to say about my skin. Ifnot, they were probably just being polite. Weird thing is, for once in the past few weeks, my skin actually felt a whole lot better.  When I saw myself in the mirror, I thought I looked a whole lot better too. I just couldn't believe it was so noticeable.  Back when I had regular eczema, I hardly ever got questioned. 

Somehow I lasted the whole week of school, but I really hated it. I have never been so unconfortable.

And then week 12 came. I thought I was finally improving and then, bam! As soon as I got my time of the month, I got myself into a horrible flare! My face was red, irritated, and cracked.  It was oozing a whole lot, and so were my legs.  The back of my knees were still weeping a lot, and so was one of my calves and my feet. I could hardly even walk. It was so painful. I stayed home from school from Tuesday till the whole week!

I feel so guilty for missing four days of school when it just started two weeks ago! I usually miss four days of school for the whole entire year! I'm scared that I missed out on a lot. I don't want my grade to drop. All of this is just stressing me out, and I can't find a way to relax myself.  

Today it's Sunday and I still feel icky. I really have no choice but to go to school tomorrow. My birthday is on Tuesday, and it definitely doesn't feel like it. I don't eat my birthday to come so soon! Why can't it wait until I get a little better? I want to at least look and feel a little decent on my birthday.  

Well here's some pics...

Here's my face when I woke up one morning.  Sorry if I scare you guys. This was from one of the days i stayed home from school.  

Hmm....... On the bright side.....
I think my stomach looks pretty good! My back is pretty good too! Unfortunately, this is the only picture I have of my stomach, but I really did improve so much!!!!! Starting around the middle of July, my stomach and back were so dry and flaky and so much skin would fall off.  It was so painful and I could hardly get up in the morning. It would hurt to bend my back in any way.  I remember I would be in so much pain when I bent down to pick up something. Now, I'd like to say that my stomach and back is almost, if not, completely healed. It's just a bit dry and discolored, and that's about it.  

I try to look at my stomach everyday and tell myself that this is proof that I am healing. The rest of my body might look like a complete mess, but I will get better. 

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