Sunday, September 29, 2013

Week 13- End of Month 3!!!!

Ok so tomorrow ends month 3!!! I can't believe it.  However, I haven't really been feeling much better.  It's really frustrating because just a few weeks ago, I finally thought I was getting better, but now I feel as bad as I did month 2. There is slightly less ooze than month 2, but there's still a lot. My face has been feeling horrible. It's bright red and oozing. It's also the most sensitive part of my body right now. Anything I use makes it turn red and irritated.  I'm using coconut oil for it because it's the only thing that doesn't make my face sting, but I still get a bad reaction to it.

On Tuesday I turned 17. I tried my best to enjoy my birthday, but I still continued to think "if only I didn't have to go through this, my day would've been perfect." My friends and family tried their best to make this day special for me, and I thank them so much. 

School has been so tough for me. I can't concentrate in class and I am missing so much homework since I am so preoccupied in my skin. My mom and I decided to set up an appointment with my guidance counselor on Wednesday to talk about what should I do about school. I can't wait because honestly, I'm completely fed up with everything. I know that if this keeps up, my grades are going to drop by a lot. I used to be a 90+ student, but the way things are looking now, I'd be lucky to get an 80 on my report card. Ugh. 

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