Monday, October 7, 2013

At the Pediatrician

Hm, there's been so many changes going on recently, so I'm probably going to start posting more again. Right now, I'd like to talk about my visit to my pediatrician.

So just like all the doctors I've been to, my pediatrician told me that I needed to take steroids. I tried to tell her that I believed that the reason why my skin was so bad was because my body got used to the steroids since I've been using it for so many years. She kept talking over me, saying that it's not true and that I wan't properly maintaining my body. I also tried telling her that my face has never been this bad, and I never had to use steroids on it before. But she just wouldn't listen to me and refused to believe in anything I told her.

She examined my legs and told me that I had an infection. I wondered why the doctor I went to the day before didn't tell me or prescribe me any antibiotics. Anyway, she said that my body looked really bad. She prescribed me oral steroids, topical steroids, antibiotics, and hydroxyzine (which I believe is also known as Atarax). I decided I'd take the antibiotics and the hydroxyzine, and obviously you guys already know I'm not going to take the steroids. She told me that if my skin got any worse, she'd have to send me to the hospital.

Then, she finally looked at the medical papers I needed to get signed. At first, she said that four weeks should be good enough time for me to stay home from school especially since I'd be "taking the steroids." I didn't want to tell her I wouldn't be taking them because I was afraid she really would make me go to the hospital, or even refuse to sign the papers. But then I told her that my guidance counselor recommended I stay home for as long as I need to get healed, and that school has been really tough for me, so she changed her mind and put three months.

I don't know what my skin will be like three months from now, but boy am I glad it wasn't going to be only four weeks. Now all I have to do is submit these papers and pray that I get approved.

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  1. Sorry the medical community was being so crappy to you. My dermatologist did the same thing. It was very hurtful