Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 18

Hey guys! Feels like it's been a while since my past post here. Figured I'd start doing my weekly post more randomly now because sometimes I just have no idea what to talk about or I'm just too tired to lol.  

Anyway, lots of stuff has been going on.  I don't know where to start. Well first off, I guess I'll say that these past few days, my skin finally started to calm down! I feel so happy because I've been in a horrible flare that lasted over a whole month, and it drove me crazy.  

One thing I noticed... A lot more hives. I don't know why I'm getting them, but I just do. One night I got them and the next day, my body was covered in bumps that looked like pimples. Yea... Really gross. Thankfully, it went down in about two days.  

Next, here's a picture of all the hair that fell out when I was washing it... I got really sad. I hope this doesn't continue for too long. 

Also, the redness and swelling started to come back. Just when I thought it was gone for good... Well it's not as bad as month two.  The redness is more separated and the swelling is tolerable.  

I've noticed that my skin has been healing at a quicker rate than before. It's exciting because for weeks, I'd look exactly the same and feel like there was no improvement. I don't know if it's because my flare is just calming down and I'm beginning a break, or if my body is just simply starting to heal faster, but we'll see what happens.  

My calf finally started healing. It's hard to tell in this picture, but there has been so much improvement!!! It's been like this for over two months now, so I'm really happy right now. 

On Friday, I had my first session of therapy. I might talk about it more in detail in a separate post, but for now, I'll just say that so far, I like it! I feel like it's a nice way to let out all these crazy emotions I'm having because for the past few weeks, all I do is cry to my poor mom and I don't want her to feel so bad. 

November has just begun. Finally finished four months. Month 5, here I come! 


  1. Hey hey
    Glad ur doing well.
    Sad about ur hair tho. Dont worry itll grow back. U look like u have lots :-)
    Stay strong.beautiful