Thursday, August 14, 2014

Some pictures!! (It's about time)

It's been a while since I said I'd post pics, right? Well now I'm finally doing it! Unfortunately, my skin had been getting worse as you can see,but I take that as a sign that there is healing to come very soon!

January 2, 2014
7 months
My skin was clearing up pretty nicely. I guess this was my "break". After this is when my skin starts to get worse. 

April 20, 2014
10.5 months

July 9, 2014
1 year/12 months 

August 14, 2014
13.5 months 
Please excuse the bath pics, I know it's hard to compare wet skin to dry. It's just that the worse my skin gets, the less I want to look at it or take pictures, so I usual end up throwing on longsleeve shirts and sweatpants as soon as I get out of the bath. From that point on, I just really hate looking at my skin and end up not looking at it until my next bath. It's a silly excuse, I know. 

I'd say my face is pretty much 95% healed, maybe even more. My eyelids just get red and dry time to time, but it's not really a big deal.  Yup, and that's oil on my face! Lol. My face actually gets oily now!

I've been homebound again! However, just a couple weeks ago, I was bed bound! I'm just happy I can at least move around the house again.  Hoping that from this point, I'll be healing quicker than before. I'm currently 13.5 months in. Wow, has time passed!

Hope the pics are helpful! 


  1. You are so brave!! I know what you mean about hating to look at the skin. I especially hate touching mine... Rough, bumpy and wrinkly!! Skin just shouldn't be like that.. Ever!
    Being house bound instead of bed bound is a good sign, :) don't give up!

  2. Hey, chanced upon your blog from ITSAN, hang in there!

    1. Thank for your words of encouragement! <3